School Mums on the Rise

About 12 months ago we built the School Mum blog/website for budding social media guru Sam Shazzam.

The site would be a partner to the exploding facebook community which at the time was 50K strong.

Now that community is over 200 000 and growing and the website has become a major source of information, tips, ideas and more for parents with school age kids.

Check out the amazing School Mum site here.


Shopify Optimisation

We are undertaking our first ever optimisation of a shopify store which is an interesting process. The tools for modifying the Titles and meta descriptions are easily accessed and we can also change the product categories and items quite easily. 

We will continue now to setup our pages for the keywords we need to be credited with in the search results. 

You can check out our client's very cool beach tent shades.


Website Changes for Pool Builder

Ecozen is the name and even that is a good match for the style of product they are pushing … with the Zen angle. Its pretty clever if you ask us.

With the energy footprint always on our mind in this beautiful bayside suburb, we thought that we might check them out. So should you if you are looking for a pool builder in Brisbane.

The business owner recently changed a lot of the content on the website and there was a re-design style-wise at the same time. As always, some things slipp through the cracks and one of those was the SEO value in the site. We are working hard to rectify that situation and to ensure that the site climbs back to its strong position before the changes.

Professional Network Website

A professional network is  an old idea but the usual concept is many people of the same profession work together to promote shared interests, provide professional development and support each other. 

What about a multi-disciplinary network though of professionals who aim to support each other, collborate on marketing and refer clients to trusted providers of other services. That is what Build in Brisbane aims to do. 

The Build in Brisbane network is a group of QLD businesses who have actively worked together in one way or another for several years. Each member has been personally invited by other businesses that they regularly deal with. Only trusted and professional businesses are involved however we are simply a connected group of businesses rather than an organisation of any kind. We aim to provide a one stop shop so that you can simply connect with whoever you need next in the process of Building in Brisbane.

Re-Branding Personal Training Courses

Things have come full circle. After studying sports science and working in Physicial Education for a number of years, I am back in the industry but in a different capacity. Over the next month I will be assisting a Brisbane based gym and fitness training provider to work intensively on their internet marketing.

The Academy of Fitness offers Certificate III in Fitness as well as the Cert IV in Fitness and massage qualifications. Check out their full range of fitness and personal training courses

The first step is a full audit and improving their search engine results in an attempt to increase their web traffic and hopefully boost student number. Check out this great family organisation.

With a recent re-brand we are making this a top priority. 

Are you Focussed on the Winners

We recently began working in partnership with a great business Little Shoppers who sell natural disposable nappies made with renewable bamboo (awesome!). They have a great client base and an active eBay store but their site did not rank well for their core product bamboo nappies and wipes. Their brand was well optimised as were some other longer tail keywords so our first mission is to re-focus the optimisation to their killer product lines. We want the main thing to be clear to visitors and to search engines.

Clown Town - Peebo and Dagwood

clowns brisbane peebo and dagwoodPeebo and Dagwood have making children & adults laugh for over 12 years with their famous Comedy Magic Show. Stop21 helped them to save $over 500/year on their web hosting and designed a new site for them to take bookings and sell their DVD and CD's etc

Australia's favourite clowns are clowns Brisbane specialists ... but they can handle any size event.

Pool Builder Website Audit

We do a lot of new websites for clients but sometimes we are just asked to perform some sort of audit on the website. Its a good place to start for any new web project and even if you don;t have an existing site, you can audit your competitors.  Identifying the winning and losing features of a website can then inform your new design or build.

We recently audited the website of Malibu Pools ... one of the top pool builders in Brisbane. 

What do we look for?

Here is a simple starting list:

  • Does the site look good on common device screen sizes?
  • Does the site load in a reasonable time (a few seconds)
  • Is there a clear call to action?
  • Can the contact details be viewed immediately?
  • Is it obvious what the site offers within a few seconds?
  • Are there text messages and not just images?


Dental Service for Local Search

Finding the most advanced dentists can actually make a massive difference to the experience and services you can access. We recently began working with a local cosmetic specialist teeth whitening dental service in Brisbane’s northside. Sure Dental have a choice of 2 teeth whitening options.

Check out Sure Dental for the friendliest, modern teeth whitening Brisbane families! 

They can answer all your questions and make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Premier Landscaping in Brisbane

Builders are active in every suburbs and the average owner thinks a lot about which one they use when building or renovating. One of the trades that is often neglected though is that of the Landscaper and the outside of your home can add as much value as the building decisions you make. 

Mark Perriman is an awarded and experienced landscaper building amazing outdoor rooms and spaces. Mark's portfolio is impressive and includes all sorts of projects from massive rock walls, pool renovations to outdoor kitchens and lounge rooms. 

Mark is the best bet for premier landscaping brisbane

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